Access Portworx BaaS

You can access the Portworx BaaS portal by following one of the below sign in processes:

  • New user: register an account in the Portworx BaaS portal login page, and sign in using the credentials. For more information about the new user registration and sign in procedure, refer to the Access by registering an account topic.
  • OIDC user: using the organization-specific OIDC email configured by your administrator in Portworx BaaS, and shared it with you. For more information about the OIDC sign in procedure, refer to the Access using OIDC credentials topic.
  • Registered user: sign in with your registered credentials. Portworx BaaS redirects you directly to the Portworx Services page.

Note: Portworx allows corporate domains to access the Portworx BaaS free trial version. You can register using social media domains such as Google, GitHub, and so on. Portworx BaaS displays an error, if you try to create services using a non-authorized domain.

To request authorization for Portworx BaaS access, contact Portworx sales.

Last edited: Friday, Oct 21, 2022