Access using OIDC credentials

The PX-BaaS ADMIN user can configure the OIDC domain name in PX-BaaS, and can share the credentials with other users to sign in. For more information about configuring the OIDC domain name in PX-BaaS, refer to the Setup OIDC access section.

To sign in using the OIDC credentials:

  1. In the PX-BaaS login page, select Sign In with OIDC.

  2. In the OIDC email authentication page -> OIDC Email box, enter the valid OIDC email.

    Enter OIDC email

    Note: If the OIDC email is not configured, then PX-BaaS displays an error:

    Non-configured OIDC email Error

  3. Select Sign In.

  4. In the OIDC login page that appears, enter the valid OIDC email and password.

    OIDC login page

  5. Select Continue.

    The PX-BaaS Product Catalog page appears. From this page, you can choose a product to access its services.

Last edited: Monday, Jun 6, 2022