Portworx BaaS Enterprise plan

The Portworx BaaS Enterprise plan is a consumption-based subscription plan that provides complete solution for enterprise Kubernetes applications. If you are subscribed to this plan, then you can create any number of Portworx services, and perform all Portworx Backup tasks.

To create services using the Portworx BaaS Enterprise plan:

  1. In the Product Catalog page -> Portworx BaaS Enterprise section, select Contact Sales

  2. In the Contact Sales page that appears, enter your organization details and select Submit.

    Portworx Enterprise section

    The Portworx sales team gets back to you with the subscription details for your enterprise. After you subscribed to the Portworx BaaS Enterprise plan, the Portworx administrator adds your organization to Portworx BaaS and makes you the organization ADMIN. Using the ADMIN credentials, you can invite more users from your organization to access Portworx BaaS as enterprise users.

    Note: Only the ADMIN user can create services in the Portworx BaaS Enterprise plan. The invited users can only access the services created by the ADMIN user. The ADMIN user can make the invited users in the organization as ADMINs, who can then create their own services. For more information editing user roles, refer to the Edit user role section.

    For more information about the tasks that ADMIN user can perform, refer to the ADMIN role topic.

If you are a Portworx BaaS Enterprise subscriber, then in the Choose Your Plan page -> Portworx BaaS Enterprise section, the Continue button appears:

Portworx Enterprise section

  1. Click Continue.

  2. In the New Service window -> Name box, enter a Portworx BaaS service name.

    Portworx Enterprise New Service Window

  3. Select the License Agreement checkbox.

  4. Select Submit.

    The Portworx Services page displays the services you added:

    Portworx Enterprise Portworx Services page

Last edited: Friday, Oct 21, 2022