Freemium plan

The Freemium plan allows you to add only one Portworx service and perform complete Portworx Backup tasks for an unlimited period.

Note: Portworx supports up to 1 TB of application cluster capacity for the Freemium instance that you create. You can subscribe to the Enterprise plan to create an unlimited number of BaaS services and storage capacity.

To create a service using the Freemium plan:

  1. In the Product Catalog page, by default, the SaaS option is selected for Portworx Backup.

    Product Catalog

    • Choose On-premises and select Continue to install Portworx Backup on-premises using the specgen wizard.
    • Select Continue in the portworx enterprise section to install Portworx Enterprise on-premises using the specgen wizard.
    • Select Contact Sales in the portworx data services section to request the Portworx sales team for authorization to access Portworx Data Services (PDS).
  2. Select Continue.

  3. In the Choose Your Plan page -> Freemium section, select the user agreement checkbox and then select Continue.

    Choose Your Plan

    Portworx BaaS creates a Freemium service, which appears in the Portworx Services page:

    Portworx Services Freemium

Use the Freemium service

When you select the Freemium service, you will be redirected to the Portworx Backup clusters page. This page contains the testdrive-cluster, which is pre-configured with:

  • four namespaces: these can be commonly used applications such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and so on. You cannot edit these pre-configured namespaces or applications.
  • backup location: the testdrive-location backup location is available, using which you can instantly start the backup and restore operations.

Freemium testdrive cluster page

Note: There are no default objects such as cloud accounts, backup schedules, backup policies, rules, roles available for the pre-configured testdrive-cluster. You can create these objects based on your requirements, and start performing tasks in Portworx Backup.

To view the license status and available storage capacity of the testdrive-cluster:

  1. Select the License icon in the Portworx Backup clusters page.
  2. In the License Entitlements page that appears, select PX-Backup -> Details:

    License and Test cluster capacity

Last edited: Friday, Oct 21, 2022