Release Notes

Release - 104

October 20, 2022

New features

Freemium plan

This release includes a Freemium plan, which enables you to use all the Portworx Backup features for an unlimited period. This plan replaces the previous sandbox trial plan, which is valid for only 30 days.

Pre-configured test cluster

Portworx Backup provides a pre-configured application cluster and backup location for Freemium users. This cluster helps to quickly start exploring the backup and restore workflows.

For more information, refer to the Freemium plan topic.

June 01, 2022

The Portworx BaaS is a self-service application to create on-demand Portworx Backup services. You can
sign up for Portworx BaaS sandbox trial plan, bring your own clusters from the cloud or on-premises, add to the Portworx Backup instance, and perform backup tasks online.

For more information about signing up for the sandbox trial, creating Portworx services, and performing Portworx Backup tasks, refer to the Portworx BaaS documentation.

Known Issues (Errata)

Pure Storage is aware of the following issues in Portworx BaaS, check future release notes for fixes on these issues:

Issue Number Issue Description
BAAS-64 Cluster names in Portworx Backup must be unique, even if you add clusters in different regions.
BAAS-280 Users signed in using the ADMIN user invitation can revoke their roles.
BAAS-291 You cannot delete the px-backup-app.user role, after assigning it to a user in the Portworx Backup Security -> Role Mapping page -> Add -> Invite Users window.
BAAS-298 The MANAGER users cannot request the organization ADMIN to view organization specific services available in the Portworx Services page.
BAAS-309 When you modify an application cluster URL, Portworx BaaS does not display permissions error.
BAAS-334 In the Portworx Backup Security -> Role Mapping page -> Add -> Invite Users window -> User Emails box, the ADMIN user can only enter twenty email IDs.
BAAS-365 You cannot invite user Groups, from the Portworx Backup Security -> Role Mapping page, to access the Portworx BaaS portal.
BAAS-372 The updated user name in Portworx BaaS does not appear in the Portworx Backup -> Profile page.
BAAS-411 The service name that you enter in the New Service window -> Name field can only be a maximum of 63 characters.
BAAS-702 Service creation fails when you create a Free Trial or a Licensed service, delete the service, and then create a service with the same name.

Workaround: After deleting a service, wait for 30 minutes before creating a service with the same name.

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