Release Notes

June 01, 2022

The PX-BaaS is a self-service application to create on-demand PX-Backup services. You can
sign up for PX-BaaS sandbox trial plan, bring your own clusters from the cloud or on-premises, add to the PX-Backup instance, and perform backup tasks online.

For more information about signing up for the sandbox trial, creating Portworx services, and performing PX-Backup tasks, refer to the PX-BaaS documentation.

Known Issues (Errata)

Pure Storage is aware of the following issues in PX-BaaS, check future release notes for fixes on these issues:

Issue Number Issue Description
BAAS-64 Cluster names in PX-Backup must be unique, even if you add clusters in different regions.
BAAS-280 Users signed in using the ADMIN user invitation can revoke their roles.
BAAS-291 You cannot delete the px-backup-app.user role, after assigning it to a user in the PX-Backup Security -> Role Mapping page -> Add -> Invite Users window.
BAAS-298 The MANAGER users cannot request the organization ADMIN to view organization specific services available in the Portworx Services page.
BAAS-309 When you modify an application cluster URL, PX-BaaS does not display permissions error.
BAAS-334 In the PX-Backup Security -> Role Mapping page -> Add -> Invite Users window -> User Emails box, the ADMIN user can only enter twenty email IDs.
BAAS-365 You cannot invite user Groups, from the PX-Backup Security -> Role Mapping page, to access the PX-BaaS portal.
BAAS-372 The updated user name in PX-BaaS does not appear in the PX-Backup -> Profile page.
BAAS-411 The service name that you enter in the New Service window -> Name field can only be a maximum of 63 characters.
BAAS-702 Service creation fails when you create a Free Trial or a Licensed service, delete the service, and then create a service with the same name.

Workaround: After deleting a service, wait for 30 minutes before creating a service with the same name.

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