Add discovered EKS clusters to PX-Backup

PX-BaaS enables you to add the discovered cluster(s) to your PX-Backup clusters page:

  1. In the Add Kubernetes Cluster page -> Select Discovered Clusters section, select all or the specific cluster(s) from the list.

    Note: In the Add Kubernetes Clusters page, you cannot select the clusters that you already added to PX-Backup.

    Add Clusters

  2. Select Add Clusters.

    The selected clusters appear in the PX-Backup clusters page:

    Added Clusters

Using the added clusters, you can perform all PX-Backup specific tasks such as applications backup, restore, configure backup locations, and so on that PX-Backup offers. For more information about using PX-Backup, refer to the Use PX-Backup topic.

Last edited: Thursday, Jun 2, 2022