Add discovered EKS clusters to Portworx Backup

Portworx BaaS enables you to add the discovered cluster(s) to your Portworx Backup clusters page:

  1. In the Add Kubernetes Cluster page -> Select Discovered Clusters section, select all or the specific cluster(s) from the list.

    Note: In the Add Kubernetes Clusters page, you cannot select the clusters that you already added to Portworx Backup.

    Add Clusters

  2. Select Add Clusters.

    The selected clusters appear in the Portworx Backup clusters page:

    Added Clusters

Using the added clusters, you can perform all Portworx Backup specific tasks such as applications backup, restore, configure backup locations, and so on that Portworx Backup offers. For more information about using Portworx Backup, refer to the Use Portworx Backup topic.

Last edited: Thursday, Sep 8, 2022